Thursday, May 20, 2010

I really am thankful . . .

Just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know where I have been. That isn't me or my Cowboy but that is what we have been doing and are still doing. Have you ever known anyone that it is taken over 3 weeks to move 5 miles?
Disclaimer here's the whinny part . . . I have done most of the moving by myself in a convertible mustang. Now do you see why I am whinny! We have a lot of stuff mostly stuff that belongs to the ministry. Lots and lots of records. Lots and lots of fabric for the girls sewing program. Lots and lots of food for the pantry program. Just lots and lots of lots and lots. LOL. Here is where we are moving to. Can't say moved because there is still stuff over at the other house.

This is what I am thankful for. the porch does not look like this these are old photo's I will take some soon.

And this is what I am thankful for. A 50 x 45 square foot building for the ministry. It is actually an airplane hanger attached to the house. We are able to combine our home and ministry into one location. Thus saving a lot of money in utilites. Since it is technically a residence we won't have to pay comercial utilities which is much more expensive. Plus we will only be paying for one phone, one electric and one heating. The water is free!

But there is a but. It seems like there always is a but. Our corporate sponsors who have pledged funding are very, very slow following up with their pledge. They were supposed to wire funds a couple of weeks ago and didn't. We went out on a limb and went ahead and wrote some checks. Bad idea. But anyway they did mail part of the money but not all which has put us in a bad position.

Our ministry needs your prayers. We received a message from the owners that if we didn't pay the deposit that we owe by the 28th and the full June rent by the 1st that we will have to move.

So I covet your prayers. I am praying that God will send a flood of viewers here to this blog over the next few days. Because our ministry needs your prayer support.

Maybe you don't really know alot about our ministry. Please go here and read about what we do. I know that God has a huge plan not only for us personally but for this ministry. But I also know that Satan has big plans too. We all know his plans. With that being said please say pray asking God to bind Satan from any further attacks. And please ask God to provide all that is needed. Not only for the minisitry but for us. Financially, emotionally and physically we are exhausted.

We do have a fundraiser this weekend. Please pray for great weather and lots of people visit Grapevine Main Street Days. We will be working a parking lot and getting $5.00 per car.

I have struggled about writing about our struggles and the situation we are in. But I realize that God needs to get the glory for what he is doing with this ministry. And, when I am able to write an amazing Praise report he will indeed receive the Glory.

Praise God.


Melanie said...

I will be praying that you will get the needed funding.Just keep hanging in there, dear sister! :)

Denise said...

Asking God to bless you with funding.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Praying for funding.