Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking a break for a few days. We are planning a fundraiser for next week. And we are finishing packing and preparing to move.

Tonight and for the next few days I covet your prayers my dear sisters. As of tonight we do not know where we are moving. We have a house and a building for the ministry located. But we are waiting on God to provide the funding to make it happen. If funding isn't arranged by Friday we will loose this house.

We have till the end of the month to be out of the house we are living in. We are depending on God to provide what is needed for us to move and find a place to live.

Tonight I am sad and frustrated. It is so difficult to find a place that is perfect not only for us personally but for the ministry and not have the financial resources to move forward. We wait on God.

I am sad because I do not know where I will live. I am scared and afraid. We continue the ministry. We continue to move on because we feel called to this ministry. It is hard because there are people that tell us we need to get "regular jobs". It is difficult to listen to non supportive statements.

And then, when week after week young people are making decisions to follow Christ we are affirmed.

Please forgive me dear friends for writing this post. Please forgive me for pouring out my questions and anguish here.

Please do not give up on me. Please lift a prayer up to our Father for our ministry.

Thank you for following me on this journey and thank you for your prayers.
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