Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday 4 Missions

This week I will be dedicating My Journey Back to Missions. Each day I will be posting something about Missions. Sharing with you about our ministry or another ministry opportunity or my thoughts on missions and ministry.

A few months ago a fellow blogger named Peggy began a Monday Meme after awhile she felt the need to retire Monday 4 Missions. I hated to see it go and for awhile I have been thinking about continuing it and sharing with you about our ministry and about other ministries I feel led to tell you about.

I tried to check in with Peggy today to let her know I wanted to begin posting about Missions on Monday but I didn't find her blog. So if any of you know her please pass it on to her.
Today I will begin sharing a little about our ministry.

This is one of the girls that lived in the halfway house where we minister. We are working at our local food bank. It is amazing the things that are donated. Here we are cleaning soda's and sorting.

This is a photo taken at our mission facility.(we no longer have a building) The photo is a few years old but it just really shows so much about our work I wanted to use it. On this particular night the girls were teaching women from a local church to sew. Each pair made a baby quilt top. The quilts are donated to charities.

This month we are partnering with my church First Baptist Keller. We will be bringing 8 girls from the halfway house to the church each Friday to sew with volunteers from the church. I am excited to begin this part of our ministry again.

The sewing and food bank is only a small part of the ministry work God allows us to do. We have a ministry blog that shares a lot more. And we also have a website.

The cookbooks that are for sale on my cookbook page support our ministry.

I hope that you will come back everyday this week because I think I have some great posts planned that might help you and encourage you to step out and serve God in a new area.

Believe it or not even if your a stay at home mom with a toddler, preschooler or school age children you can be God's servant! And what a great learning and teaching opportunity for your kids!

I am looking forward to seeing you this week. Please leave comments!
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