Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Review-Bridegrooms Allison Pittman

I have to begin this review with a big 'But'....I am not a fan of historical romances. But I have changed my mind. Or at least Allison Pittman's Bridegrooms changed my mind. I really, really enjoyed this book.

I was caught up in it and was not able to put it down. For me it was one of the times when the everyday household chores we put on hold! Is that a good thing or not? You be the judge.

I have to say that I was a little surprised about the story. I expected like everyone else I am sure a Little Women kind of story. A story about the four sisters pictured on the front all looking for Bridegrooms.

That really isn't what the story is about at all. The bridegrooms in the story is a baseball team.
Cracked me up!

The story is about Vada Allenhouse and her four sisters who live with their father the towns physician.

The story begins with Vada preparing for the opening of the towns Symphony. Vada works at the musical theatre and assists the conductor Herr Johann. It just so happens that Vada's beau Garrison is in the orchestra.

Each of the other three sisters have their own stories and romances or wishes for romances.

As Vada returns home after an evenings rehearsal she finds members of the baseball team in her home. A fan had been hit by a stray ball earlier in the day. Vada's father brings the injured man home and so begins an adventure for the players and Vada and her sisters.

This was really a fun book to read. I didn't have any trouble keeping up with the characters or the plot. I think I have found that where historical romances are concerned that I like Allison Pittman's work.

I went to Ms. Pittman's website and found these two quotes there:
Praise for The Bridegrooms
"Sisters. Secrets. Squabbles. Symphony and suitors. Allison Pittman's newest historical romance, The Bridegrooms, has it all. What happens when you match up an every-man hero with a conflicted heroine? You find yourself enthralled by a story full of improbable pairings that showcase love's surprising ways. Again, Pittman has me waiting impatiently for her next compelling tale."~Mona Hodgson, author of Two Brides Too Many and Too Rich for a Bride
"Get ready to put the rest of your life on hold. The Bridegrooms will sweep you off your feet and carry you over the threshold into the hearts of Vada Allenhouse and her unpredictable sisters. Mysterious romance is not the same thing as true devotion--or is it? And can one sister tell another how to choose between them? Allison Pittman's literary sparkle shines better than ever in this story of hilarious, heartfelt love."~Karen Roth, author of Found on 16th Avenue and My Portion Forever

I loved the above quotes description of the girls as 'unpredictable'. Great description.

You can go to to purchase this book. Here's the link

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This book was provided for review by Random House and Waterbrook Multnomah.
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