Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do you ever feel like this?

. . . Like you've done a balancing act all day and then by the end of the day your just worn out?
That was my week last week. I had grand ideas about posting. Had some posts drafted because my intention was to share with you about missions. But real missions crashed into my world and I woke up and it was Saturday. And then I kept the grandbaby all day. And then it was Sunday. And then it was Monday and I had the grandbaby all day. And now a week later I have some spare minutes.

I hope you visited yesterday because I did squeeze in time to leave a bouquet of flowers for you. If you didn't see it yesterday well just scroll down.

Today I want to share with you about a ministry that I have only recently heard of. Nascar is rather big in our area. I live 1 mile from Texas Motor Speedway. On quiet evenings I can hear the dull roar of cars going around the track. I am not a Nascar fan. But neither am I a football or baseball fan. Mainly because I don't see the point in spending the money to go to a game or race. And I don't relish the idea of fighting crowds. And, I just don't like to watch any of the above on t.v.

So being a non-fan I didn't know anything about Nascar and what is involved. Did you know that for a week before a race that hundreds of people drive in and set up a minature city? They are driving anything from a pick up with a tent loaded in the back to million dollar buses. When you drive by the track on the days before each race you can see a virtual city appear before your eyes.

As Cowboy and I drove by Sunday on the way to do chapel we saw already 100 or more campers. We were driving saying to each other how we didn't get it. I mean I get camping in the mountains or in a park where there are activities hiking, swimming etc. But at Texas Motor Speedway you just camp. And in most cases drink beer or something similar. I guess that is the activity of choice before, during and after a Nascar race.

Another thing that I didn't know about Nascar is that it is the only sporting event that begins with a prayer. And I bet you didn't know this that Dr. Roger Marsh says a prayer at every Nascar event. Dr. Marsh is the Executive Director of the National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries. He is also the President of The Texas Alliance of Raceway Ministries (Txarm). And, he is our Praise and Worship Leader at our chapel services on Sunday morning. (when he is in town)

Through Dr. Marsh I have learned a lot about Txarm they provide chapel services at the races. They provide childrens games and activities. They have a hospitality tent with coffee, lemonade and popcorn. They provide golf cart rides to people that can't walk to the gate. And they share the Gospel to anyone that will listen.

Not only is there a chapter of Raceway ministries at every Nascar track. There is also a chapter at most dirt tracks and other racing events throughout the United States. They do similar activities and share the Gospel.

Do you live near a track? I know that Dr. Marsh and the other volutneers at Txarm need help. If your interested in meeting God where he is working check out the Raceway ministries in your area.
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