Monday, January 12, 2009

One Stone

I learned something today that I know will encourage or delight you depending on where you are today.
I am encouraged by this little saying.
God will move your mountain, even if, it's one stone at a time.
I am realizing that I need to take one day at a time and not spend my efforts worrying.
I need to reach out and feel God's love and be thankful for my Blessings.
I get to play all day with my grandson who is now almost 8 months old and happily playing in his bed.
Last week was tough because we were going through that clingy I want to be held stage. Then it was the you can't leave my sidestage. Both including tears everytime I sat him down to play or moved to another room. Even favorite toys which didn't appease(I want to write about soon. I am thinking a grandma's blog here.)
But thankfully it seems to be passed now.
My daughter got a wonderful new part time job that hopefully will turn into full time. She is working for The Nest Place. A store which sells baby items and also offers childbirth classes and nursing classes. She loves it and she gets to take the baby with her. So I keep him 3 days while she is at another part time job and then on Thursday and Friday he goes with mommy to work.
I think they will both really enjoy the time together and it will be good for him. And a break for me.
Tomorrow I will bring my computer with me and hopefully we will have a good day and I can write and add some photos.
I miss that part of blogging. I actually miss being able to read everyday all the amazing things that you guys are writing. It Blesses me to see you ladies of all ages writing about what God is teaching.
So until tomorrow I will close and wish you all a Blessed evening with your families.
I am leaning on God and trusting him.
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