Monday, September 8, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book

Welcome to My Monday Daybook. The Simple Woman's Day Book is hosted by Peggy she has a wonderful blog. Go by and visit and read the other day book entries. I have met some fun and wonderful people. And I know you will too.

Outside my windowFall. The weather is so much cooler. The grass is still green and the horses are waiting on breakfast.

I am thinkingOf pleasant things. And trusting in God and trying not to worry. I am thinking of all the things that make me happy like my shiny clean kitchen sink. Not a thing in it!

From the learning room We started a blog for our grandson in Missouri. He is homeschooled and we support them in that effort. Our husband taught our son alot about nature and God when he was growing up. They love the outdoors and hunting.

I am wearingworn out blue jeans and pink t-shirt,white socks. And soon I'll be putting on boots. I plan to spend some time outside working in the pasture and yard.

I am readingBeginning the book of Hebrews and continuing through the
Psalms. Everyday I read the Psalm of the day Sept 1. Psalms 1 etc. I am journaling
the Psalms. I need to feel God's precense. I need to trust him more. The journaling helps me focus.

I am hoping forthat everything works together for God's plan and that his timing is sufficient in all things in our personal life and in the ministry.

I am creating A way for our family to stay in touch, through the new Grandpa blog. And bedding for a crib we got over the weekend for our house.

I am hearing The horses waiting for breakfast, school buses on the road. The donkey's letting us know if someone drives in next door.

Around the houseChaos. We are moving furniture and boxes to make room for the crib and other things for the baby. That meant a major re-arrange.
We didn't want to take the crib apart. The master bedroom was the only room we had enough space; except my sewing room but to get it in that door we would have to take it apart. So I had to do a major rearrange in the master bedroom. Remember how big I said our closet is? It now has a saddle on a stand in it and my lingera chest in it too. I promise I'll take a photo soon.

One of my favorite thingsFireflies. I have not seen one since we moved back from Missouri. There we saw tons of them. I was in the pasture the other night checking water and I saw one lone firefly. Made me smile.

A few plans for the rest of the week I have been thinking of doing a daily daybook. Not on my blog but a journal. To keep me on task. I am working on getting my scrapbooking supplies out and organzied and get an area in the sewing room to do that kind of stuff. And when that is done I want to start making cards for our churches card ministry.

Here is a picture I am sharing. (They are crazy I know)

This is one of the photo's I'll be posting on the new blog for our boys. We called it Texas Grandpa and the boys. We will be posting his hunting photo's and writing stories for our grandson.

Thanks for visiting my day book and come by again soon. I write everyday and I love visitors and comments. I try to respond to each comment. Have a great day.


Sandra said...

Great daybook :)

Eeeewwww I can't stand snakes, scary.

Grandma Starr said...

Great daybook...enjoyed reading it. We don't have fireflies in Mew Mexico either...
Cool picture, but I'm with Sandra...about the
Grandma Starr

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, is that alive? I love reading your Day Book.

threesidesofcrazy said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook! Have a great week.

Kelli said...

That is a great picture, Sherry! I love fireflies and wished we had them here, too.

Debra Kaye said...

I love your list of thankful things down to the kitchen sink...very lovely post!

Amydeanne said...

okay Maggie below is adorable!
and egads.. those snakes!!!