Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday Show and Tell on Saturday

Welcome to my Saturday edition of Kelli's Show and Tell it's not too late to go over and visit Kelli and see the others and she always has a cool Saturday post too.

I was crazy busy all day yesterday and didn't get to write a post. I hope you all like the late post. I kind of think it was worth the wait! I enjoyed putting it together.

With no more "ado" here are my treasures . . .

This is one of my favortie treasures for a couple of reasons I love the frame. (I have rabitts hiding all over my house) and because I love the photo in the middile of the fisherman/woman! LOL This was taken when Cowboy was much thinner isn't he handsome? The kids are really little. The place they went is no longer there. It is now houses! It was a place in the middle of our city where you could go and catch catfish. It was a big tank a really cool place for city kids.
It is a tiny fish I am not even sure you can see it very well but. We pretended to take take it home. Our son asked us for weeks no matter what was on his dinner plate beef,chicken pork. He would ask "Is this my fish?" We would tell him "yes" and he would eat every bite!

The next photo is that little fisherman all grown up with his own fish!

This photo was taken last year. This fish weighed 2 1/2 pounds. Last weekend we got an email that he went fishing again with 30 grasshoppers for bait that our grandson caught! While dad was gone grandson caught another huge grasshopper. But that one he wanted to save to discet for sience! He is in first grade!
So these are my fisherman photo's and my fish tale!
Have a great weekend. And I hope you enjoyed my late Show and Tell.
I will be posting my Then Sings My Soul post tonight.


Anonymous said...

Cute post. I love the frame. We have fish photos of our children. I just love them.
If I haven't already told you I love the new look.

Sandra said...

This was a such a cute post and great frame :)

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

So cute. I loved the story. We have a cute fish story with our own son. However, ours really involves a large fish! It is painful to his father!!

Unknown said...

Love the rabbit frame, and great fishy pics too.

Kelli said...

What precious memories, Sherry! The frame is so cute...we have lots of bunnies in our yard too. Daisy would really like to chase them. :)

Anonymous said...

It looks to me you are blessed with a great family! :)