Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daisy received an Award!

Do you think your dog is The Best Dog in the World? I am sure all of us dog lovers would probably be able to say that and probably get into some strong discussions on the topic. But I really do think that my dog is the best and here's why!

Because she is so patient with her inept at photography and computers owner for 1!

I learned the other day how to do a collage and of course used Daisy while learning.
Sorry for the bad cropping on the one photo and showing the same photo twice. I am learning and when I get time I'll go back and play with it again and bore you with more photo's of my dear Daisy.

On Sunday I have been letting Daisy write the post and introduce all of our friends to new friends that we have found during the week. But this week was so busy we didn't spend much time visiting the other blogs. We were so busy that we didn't even realize that we received an award! Wow how busy is that? But here it is

O.K. but now your wondering 'What is she talking about? This award is for Dog Lovers' Well duh....It is because my dog is The Best Dog in the World is why I love her so well I think it works and so I give the award to Daisy.

Here are the top ten reasons why I think Daisy is The Best Dog in the World.

1. She loves to ride in the car/truck or any vehicle with wheels. And she is sweet and kind and patient and only whimpers when she sees any other animal worth barking at.

2. She is gentle with the baby and smaller dogs.

3. She is patient with older dogs and doesn't play rough.

4. She is patient when we arrive home late and she doesn't get fed exactly at her special time of day. And she doesn't try to steal the cat's food while they are eating.

5. She does not tear into the trash when I forget and leave it in the kitchen floor and go somewhere and leave her home alone.

6. She takes her "job" of taking care of the horses very seriously. She is always ready to go out and check on them or feed or water them.

7. She always waits very patiently for us if we go somewhere and we don't take her.

8. She is very sweet to everyone and sits up sweetly and waits to be petted and doesn't jump on people (only me)

9. She turned Cowboys heart around and sometimes I wonder if she is turning into his dog. Because like his human daughter she has him wrapped around her little paw!

10. She loves me. This I know because no matter how much she loves her Daddy because he gives her treats that I don't and lets her do things that I don't she loves me more. Because she is always where I am. If I am in the kitchen she is laying down waiting till I finish. Not begging for food but patiently waiting for me. If I am on the computer she is patiently waiting at my feel till I finish taping away at the keys. She has even been known to pass up popcorn from Cowboy if I am leaving the room.

And so dear friends. I really do think that My Dog is the Best Dog in the World at least in my little world!

Thanks for visiting but before I go I want to invite you to visit our friend Peggy and all her doggies: Chiquitita,Toby,Chispita and Chimi they graciously gave us this sweet award. Peggy is a true friend and encourager. Thanks Peggy.

And don't forget to stop over at Dogs on Thursday and meet some of friends.

Please come by everyday because we always try to write something and share a little bit about what God is doing in our lives and maybe entertain a bit. Please leave a comment. We love sweet notes of encouragement and awards too!

Have a Blessed Week.


Peggy said...

Blessings Sherry & Daisy!!! I LOVE IT and I agree...after reading all 10 beautiful reasons that Daisy does deserve an award all to herself! Thanks for the sweet words...from all of us...Bravo, Chimi, Chiquitita, Toby & Chispita!
Good trick you learned...I mean I like how you know how to collage your well for me!

Congratulations again! Hope more than me comes by to see! Enjoy your week and put your feet up and rest awhile maybe some folks will mozy on in and read your sweet post!

How 'bout linking up your post with the halfway house tomorrow on Mission4Monday?

Daiquiri said...

What a cute picture of her with her paws up like that :)

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by today and for leaving such a kind comment.

Have a great week,

i said...

I agree! Daisy is such a darling!