Friday, July 1, 2022

Foodie Friday & A Crochet Mess Up

 Hello! Happy 1st day of July! 

The Cowboy  has been home two weeks now.  He is eating better . . .

I mostly go along with his suggestions.   Pot Roast  was in crockpot  but he suggested  going out!
Some days he will eat lunch.   
Odd plate but it came together and tasted great.  Paprika Chicken (air fryer) , cold Asparagus  and Sausage  Gravy
That Pot Roast.  It was chewy but really good.  I chopped the Cowboys.  

The Cowboy has a sweet tooth.  He wanted Donuts.  We all went for a drive.  I try to encourage outings! The weather was cool so the girls got to go. 
Not Tuesday but got Tacos on the menu.  He likes store bought shells. I think it is a waste. We got these 4 out of a box of 12. 
Homemade burgers.  They were good but alot of work and just not as good as eating out.  We can get a great burger with fries a drink and a cookie for 6.99.  it's a deal. 

Steaks were on sale.  He wanted Corn .18 an ear!  The Potato I cooked in Air Fryer.  Still haven't mastered it. 
Yummy Chicken Nachos and stored made Guacamole.  Cheaper nowadays than Avacados! 

This meal came out so good and easy.  Goya brand frozen Chili Rellenos, Queso and Frito's and Spinach Salad.  

This week  I have been crocheting.   This is  the blanket I started a couple years ago.  

See the white Ripply yarn.  I  had to take out 5 rows.  
The White row I was having to take out.   It was leaving the Periwinkle with no stitches in to attach to.  So I had to carefully rip out the white one stitch at a time and leave the Periwinkle in tact then crochet into it for a new row. 


Now the Periwinkle and Brown need to come out too.  As I was taking  the white off where it  was connected  to Periwinkle.  I was trying to avoid loosing it all but as I was repairing I noticed  over halfway  through it looked like I was putting in too many Brown stitches.

You can see it has ripples.  Duh. I actually  really  don't  like the large Dark Green or the Chartreuse  but I am done ripping out! 

Not sure if this blanket is meant to be . . . 
Well Domino likes it!  I was being so careful not to lay it on the red blanket because the dogs have been getting in bed because we have had loud thunderstorms.  
I had folded it up to lay the crochet out to photo.  Look who sneaked back in when I left!  

My weekend plans? 
Fix this crochet! 
What are your plans? 

Don't forget to Sparkle!

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