Saturday, January 15, 2022

Happy Homemaker in Texas

One of my favorite posts to write  my weekly feature Happy Homemaker in Texas.  Every week 
I join Sandra for her party.  
She provides the prompts . . . 

Well ... winter came to the island 🏝️! 
Stinking cold even colder because of wind. 
It is hibernation time!

How I am feeling this morning 
Blessed to live on the island...but feeling achy from the cold.  

On the breakfast plate 
Hot Chocolate . . .

On my reading pile 
All of these for a tour 
Finished book 1 starting book 2 after I finish this one . . . 

On my TV 
Finished all the Chopped episodes.
Thankfully Restoring Galveston is on Magnolia Network now but I am rationing season 3 episodes. 
Watching Guys Grocery game from season 1. 

Looking around the house 
Dogs curled up in their beds with blankets. 
Heaters on. 
My craft table beckons me! 

What I am wearing 
A tank top and thin pants.  the Cowboy keeps the house super hot for me. 
I had to bundle up in a sweater and hoodie and a scarf.   For walking dogs.  It is super windy. 

Outside my window  
Wind.  Blowing plants. I had to bring in a hanging basket that I see from my window.  My Chrysanthemum that I got marked down to a dollar bloomed again! 

The menu   
It's payday week.  Till Wednesday we will be eating out of pantry. 

Chili Relleno Casserole and Salad if Lettuce is still good.  
I have Romaine growing.  The leaves are about an inch tall! 

White Chicken Chili and Corn Bread

Momma's Goulash, Corn Fritters and Green Beans 

Not sure it is grocery day and Sale Pizza.  Maybe Chili Dogs if we don't do Pizza

Shrimp if we get to Seafood Market, fresh Spinach and Angel Hair Pasta with a Garlic Butter Sauce

Steak, Potato and a Salad at VFW hall.  Cheapest and great steak for the price 

Hamburgers and Homemade Onion Rings

The To Do List  
Drag Christmas tree to alley for trash day.   Post on FB in case someone wants for mulch

Clean front porch when it warms later in my the week

Drag the dogs chair out for trash.  It has had it.  The are getting new beds.  I am keeping the ottoman.  Lola usually sleeps on it. 

Work on my quilt and post process video 

Clean bathroom and vacuum hous 

Something fun to share 
I really love the You Tube channel.
Now she has as a Blog . . . 

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Linking with Sandra for the party ...


Jean said...

Didn't realize you live on an actual island, how fun! Hope your weather improves and you have a wonderful week.

Luludou said...

Wondering what Island you live on? I knew you were near the sea but never thought you were on an Island.
Have a wonderful week and hopefully lots of time to craft