Sunday, January 2, 2022

And I Planned To...Part 1

 Happy New!  Today I am starting  a new feature  to pick up with posts that I planned and didn't  get finished . . .  

And I planned to . . . 

Starting with my 12 posts for New Years Day.   All condensed  into one looong post. 

I planned 

A Quilt An Hour  

Unless otherwise  indicated all quilts are on my Pinterest board. You may go there for the sources

I have had this one on my board for a long time.  Not sure I will ever make it. It would be a challenge  to collect so many different  Purples. 
When I originally  say this quilt I would have hand applique instead of machine applique. 
But I have begun to see and appreciate the beauty of machine applique  work.

A brand new image on my board.  This little  quilt is a new to me method 'Slow Stitched' all done by hand. 

The next few pictures are of one my quilts.  It took me several years to complete.  I am so happy now to hang it every 4th of July . . . 

I originally  did this quilt as a class for some friends who wanted to make Patriotic quilt. 

I enjoyed making the pattern...

I love the quilting on the quilt.  I did wavy lines on the flags to mimic wind . . .
This is a picture in the basting stages . . . 

More basting you can see the edges before I did the bonding.  

I would love to do this class again.  It was super fun.  

And now a few more from Pinterest board . . .

I shared this one the other day when I did the teaser for this post. 

Besides the circles and circular paperpiecing (one of my favorite piecing methods) I love the different  colors.  I love the large blocks.  This one will be fast to do.  It is on the top of my list to stitch up. 

I love all 3 of these flower quilts.  But I am leaning toward making this one.  The background  is much simpler. 
I would probably  hand applique the flowers.
Gorgeous  too. Lots of piecing . . .
And one more!  I would to make all three and have an indoor garden!
I have been wanting to make a book quilt for ages!  I love how the quilter used the selvage for the book titles!
Perfect to hang in my library.  Which is a corner  of the bedroom. 

I love Pumpkin quilts.  I need to make this one! 
Large Flying Geese.  Such a simple block.  I love the mix of fabrics.  This block is perfect for scraps. 

Last year I tried to make Tea Cup blocks for one of my Tea Parties.   I am gonna master that block if it kills  me.  I need this quilt for my kitchen!

I love these tree quilts.  Lots  of scraps and easy pieced background.  A great quilt to practice quilting. 

And lastly a stack of quilts I made in 2018 just before the Cowboy  got sick . . . 
These were all made and given to charity.  I pieced them all and a friend  quilted them.   

Do you think I can make this many in 2022? 

I'll be keeping this baby busy!  

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