Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dog Days of Summer -Finding A Dog Park

 Hello and Welcome come back to my week of Dog theme posts.

We are celebrating the 2nd annual Dog Days of Summer 

When we moved the end of May we had to give up our huge back yard.

The girls miss it & honestly so do I.  

Our life now revolves around daily walks.  

The girls and  I have explored our neighborhood.  And met some nice humans! 

And I've discovered that Lola has a hidden talent.  She  is a great walker!   I will have to say this is a huge surprise! 

I hope you will come by tomorrow for my post titled 
And Then There's Lola 

Even though the girls love thier walks I would like for them to have an area to run and play. 

I even thought of putting out an ad 

. . .

Can we rent your fenced back yard? 

If I thought I would get offers I would. 

 I would love a place for the girls to have fun and be safe. 

So we have explored several dog parks in the area . . . 

Photo website
This is not my dog

Where's the grass? 

Actually the day we went the weeds were probably 6 inches high.  

Although this park had a great obstacle course for play the fences were low and no grass. 

The next park further away had grass but . . . 

No shade.  I couldn't even find photos on the internet. 


Of all the places we've visited the one the Cowboy likes best is the one we have taken the girls several times. 

Yes the grass is nice.  But there is no fence.  

And so we tried another park right downtown . . .

Nice grass.  Shade.  Two sections. 

No one there.  This park looks  like a great option.  

But we visited on a Sunday morning.  There were lots of flies and apparently the visitors on Saturday didn't see the free poop bags by the trash can.

And so we visited another park our neighbor told us about.  It is the closest to our house. 

We went by last Wednesday on our way to get our Pizza.  

When we arrived there were 2 short Bull Terrier type dogs.  (I think) They ran to the gate when I approached.  (The Cowboy waited in the car)

And 3 small dogs that were hanging close to the obvious owners. 

There was another lady sitting at a table with a laptop.  I assumed she owned the two dogs. 

I intended to go over and say Hi but as soon as I walked in one of the dogs jumped on me.  I gently pushed it down took a step and again it jumped on me!  This time I had mistakenly leaned down to pet it.  It head butted me!   I don't think it meant to but it hurt! 

This time I yelled "No! get Down!" as I looked up none of the humans paid any attention. 

I turned and left! 

I was shocked at the behavior but more shocked that the owners paid no attention. 


Did the dog belong to the people?  

In hind site I realize after talking to the Cowboy who saw the entire episode. 

It appeared the bouncing jumping dog didn't belong to either group.  

Our neighbor said it was probably left there. 

As frustrated and annoyed as I was it broke my heart to think someone just left the dog.  

I felt so bad for the dog!  I could not imagine someone would do that!  

Yesterday we were out 'Curb Shopping'.  

We drove past another small park.  It was fenced with a tall fence!  

We didn't stop because we were all tired but maybe tomorrow we can go!  

I wrote my post today because I thought it goes with the feature book . . . 

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To visit the post and get book details and purchase links. 

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French Ethereal said...

Hi Lynn! So glad you shared your post so all our dog-loving friends could check it out. <3 Hope you found some good places to take your pup. I know when we were four years in our two successive trailers (our 27' no slides trailer then the Heartland 365 41' RV), I had to find places to walk Yoda and some RV parks had dog parks and others just a little area for dogs to do their business.

If you ever come this way to Texas, Buc-Ees gas stations are ENORMOUS with 100 spots to get gas, then you can shop for housewares, etc. inside and finally they have really large grassy areas for dogs to sniff and walk about!

Happy to feature your post tonight at Share Your Style #316 for you,
Barb :)