Saturday, March 16, 2019

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Welcome back to my mostly weekly post.
I'm joining Sandra for her Monday Party
Sandra provides the prompts.  I add a few of my own.
This morning I was collecting photo's to use for this post and realized I had not made a new photo for HHM for March. 
 I noticed the welcome sign in my crochet photo and thought it 
that it was just right . . . 

The weather
Mostly rainy last week.  Cold a few days.  Warmer a few others.
I actually sat in my patio room the other day it was nice and warm.
It was late in the afternoon and I took a pick of the shadows on a pillow . . . 
Time to put this Hunt Scene pillow away & bring out the Spring.

Outside my window
Bright sunshine.  Actually it's too bright.  I mentioned awhile back that I have moved the computer.  The window it is by gets alot of afternoon sun.  So much I can not see the screen. 
But I am happy we have sunshine.

On the breakfast plate
Nothing yet.  Can't decide between a bagel or a pancake. 

I am reading now
I'm liking it.  Can't say it's great too early to tell.  There's some mystery and some laughs.  A little romance I think.  I like the main character Cam and his ex wife.  The are thrown together to investigate when his mom Darcy ends up being a suspect.  I'll be reviewing soon for The Great Escapes Tour.

On the reading pile
I'll be reading and reviewing these for the Great Escapes Tour.
Click here to visit Great Escapes.

On the menu
Monday - Beef Stroganoff, Green Beans, Salad
Tuesday - Taco Tuesday 
Wednesday - Pork Chops, Fried Okra, Scalloped Potatoes
Thursday- L/O Stroganoff, 
Friday- Chicken Enchilada Soup, Sub Sandwich's

Something fun to share
Great Escapes Tours are open for new reviewers.  Go over 
and check out how to become a reviewer.  Click here

In the garden
Mostly plans.  And thoughts.  I have had some big plans but life has gotten in the way.  Not sure how much gardening will get done.  I have seeds waiting to plant. 

In the craft basket 
I am in 2 Crochet Along Groups.  This one is with 
Unraveled Mitten.  Each month we get to new blocks.  I started with this Sherbet Orange because it didn't fit/match into the original color scheme for the other blocks like I thought when I bought it.  This week I found this multi-color and I love it.  This one will go out in my patio room when it's complete. 

I have been looking for a few more blues for the house quilt and found this collection at Hobby Lobby.
I have a few house made.  I love the polka dots.  The trees are all made with scraps.  I am buying some fabric for the houses. 

The Fabulous Party Features
Each week I choose two posts that 'Catch My Eye'.  You can join the party here every Sunday.  Link up your posts maybe one will 
'Catch My Eye'!

A simple and clever way to upcycle children's wooden building blocks. A little paint, a simple tutorial and a few embellishments is all you need for this fun diy project.
This one was interesting.  I like the finished product but I am a little undecided if I like the re-purpose.  You decide.  
Check it out over here

Check out how to over here.

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made | Hand Lettered Scripture Art | Hope Ink.jpg
Artwork Available here

Have a Blessed Week

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