Friday, December 8, 2017

Being Real

This week I have almost gotten back to regular posting.  
I have been so busy lately it's a huge drag.  Today I am getting real and not even making things pretty.  
Shocking isn't it?  How do I get anything done? Guess what 
my plans are for the weekend?  Yep you got it.  I really need to clean up around here.  

There are times when my desk was really pretty. Maybe you remember . . . 
In the Fall.  
I love to surround myself with things I love like these . . . 
The Cowboy.  Young and not so young.  In June we celebrated our anniversary.
I was young once too.  I think. I forgot. LOL.

And for awhile I surrounded myself with family . . .

Some of my favorite photo's of the grand kids. 

I am inspired.  So tomorrow I will be cleaning up my desk and surrounding myself with . . .Hmm.  Not telling.  You'll have to come back by and see! 

Have a Blessed Day
Merry Christmas

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