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A Christmas Story/Family Tradition

Welcome and Merry Christmas.  I am so happy because Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  
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In our home we had a tradition of eating all of our meals beginning December 1 on special Christmas dinnerware.  Both of our children have carried on the tradition.
It all started back in the mid 90's when I stumbled onto some pretty Christmas dishes at Sam's Club.  I thought they were pretty and were an affordable price so I bought a set. 
table scapes with spode christmas | Creative Journeys: Merry Christmas!! and a gift for you Tablescape  
We began the tradition that first year.  We all thought it was fun to eat on special plates.  The first set came with a service of 4.  We were happy with them and we all loved the  new tradition. 
We set a simple table each night.  Nothing fancy.  No extras.
Mad for Plaid
Sam's Club surprised me the next year by having another set.  This time besides the service of 4 there were a couple of serving pieces.  My creative juices began to flow and I thought why not buy a set for each of the kids.  And so since they were so affordable I bought three sets that year. 
We still set a simple table each evening.  But we only used 2 sets of dishes because I gave each of the 2 kids their set at Christmas  I saved and stored their sets in my Christmas closet which was a huge closet under the stairs.
Spode Christmas Tree
A tradition had begun.  They loved the sugar bowls and little creamers that came with their sets.  The sugar bowl is in the above pic.
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And so I was on a roll.  My plan was to go to Dillard's and buy a serving piece each year for each of the kids.  They had seen the brochures in the boxes and picked out a couple of pieces that first year they liked . . . 
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Our son loved the milk jug
Our daughter asked for the tea pot
And so I happily trotted off to Dillards to purchase their pieces to go under the tree.
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Much to surprise this wasn't just a cute little set of dishes.  This was a very expensive set of dishes!  I was totally clueless at how good a deal I got at Sam's.  

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I was stuck.  So from then on I had to budget Christmas.  The 
first few years it wasn't too bad.  Then for a few years the budget was a little 'lean'.  Then one year I found the dishes at Stein Mart
a discount high end store in our area. 
My Christmas Tree Spode Collection at home, just part of it...
The pin did not have the original source
After a few years our kitchen hutch looked pretty much like this one.  I ended up having to buy 2's of everything as the kids got older and I started thinking about them being married.  
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One year they each got a set of ramekins . . . 
They originally came in a set of 4.  Now 1 is available at Replacements for $15.99.

One year I bought the fluted serving dish.  And another year  the oval baker . . . 

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Then one year many years later.  My son was married so he had already taken his bounty.  Our daughter was engaged.  And in an apartment but I still had her set.

The Cowboy and I went to a Sunday School Class party.  And guess what was in one of the Chinese gift exchange packages!
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Actually it was a set of two.  They nested into each other. I cried 
when I saw them.  I had already lost my chance to 'steal' but my
Cowboy had the last # or the first # I guess because he was able to get them!  One for each of my kids! 
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I loved the tradition of buying and adding to the collections
for each of my kids.  

For a few years it was a little sad after our daughter got married 
and took her set. 
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Even though the  Cowboy and I have eaten on our regular every day pottery.  There are many memories that fill my heart. 

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And I know that my kids are making memories with their kids. 
This year my daughter is engaged.  She has already started sharing this tradition with her husband to be.  
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Even though the Cowboy and I use our everyday pottery we can still remember the fun times we shared.  

But the story doesn't end here . . . 
Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story and the new tradition!

Merry Christmas

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