Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Thrifty Ways--New Friday Feature


I mentioned on Tuesday when I posted my Monday post that I was running late. 

Well it's Saturday and I'm still behind and posting my Friday post!
This week I wanted to begin a new feature inspired by Laura at 
Harvest Lane Cottage is that not the cutest name for a blog and a home?  
Here's the sweet cottage photo she has on her blog.
Each week she shares what she has done to be thrifty.  I was so inspired I decided to begin documenting my own thriftiness. HeHe

This week I began working on the post cards for a swap this month .I used post card mailers and cut them to the correct size.  I used bits and pieces of trims from my stash.
I sewed on  fabric scraps and cut images from old news letters.
No expense.  I made 6 post cards
The fabric cards do cost a little more to mail because they are mailed in an envelope. 
Next week I'll share some painted cards
Most of you know I/we moved into a house in Oct. There is a hug yard in desperate need of a makeover.  
It is so big I know that I need lots of fast growing plants.
I harvested Trumpet Vine seed pods from a clients home.  
This is a vine that you either love or hate.  
But it's fast growing and just what I need. 
Image result for blog post dividers

I changed my blog background to a different winter theme using a free template.
I like to use post dividers in my post. 
Always free
Image result for blog post dividers
The Cowboy made bacon this week. 
Image result for curing bacon
Curing your own bacon is super simple.  
The hardest part is finding a supplier to purchase your pork belly.
When we find the pork bellies we alway buy 4 or 5 and put in the freezer
It's a simple process you mix special curing salt and some spices and rub all over the meat.  
Then place in  zip lock bag for 9 days. You have to turn it everyday.
Since we love bacon this is a super thrifty method for us.
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The Cowboy was into pork this week he found a pork loin on sale.
He cut chops and 2 roasts
We are having chops tonight and a roast with stuffing later in the week.
Image result for blog post dividers
 :   :
I plan my menu's and post on Monday. 
It keeps me organized and I have fewer leftovers. 
I will cook pinto beans on Monday with cornbread then I will use the leftover cornbread for stuffing later in the week with the pork loin.  
The will be leftover beans I'll probably put in the freezer for burrito's or guacamole chulpa's
Image result for blog post dividers
I bought black berries on sale.
A treat for me!
Avacado's were on sale too.  Will have to wait for them to ripen.
Image result for blog post dividers
It's fun being thrifty. 
I enjoy seeing how much I can save at the grocery store.
Thanks Laura for inspiring me to be more thrifty!

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