Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day of Rest

Welcome to my blog.  Today I wanted to share a few things I've been thinking about.  Put your feet up and grab a cup of tea or a 
Dr. Pepper and let's chat . . . 
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At the beginning of 2016 I began posting a  Simply Sunday post.  Simply I just posted a scripture or photo.  Simply because I wanted to give you something uplifting to start your week but yet take my own day of rest from writing. 
            It was all good because honestly sometimes I've felt like this
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Some days I feel like this . . . 
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I am sure from time to time we all feel like this.  And even though I don't do alot other than provide meals on Sunday after church there are times I do have to run a load of laundry.  Seriously it's crazy there are only two of us!  

Basically I rest and relax from a hard week.  And gather strength for the next hard week to come.
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Sunday is a day I spend Simply resting and relaxing.  Most days with a book.  Well actually there is always a book to read.  
Whether it's one I've been asked to review or one I've found offered free on my Kobo app.  I am always reading a book. 
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I always have a few books or a stack to read while relaxing and 
resting.  I try to review all the books I read whether I am asked to or not.  Just because I want to 'share the love'.  HeHe
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Did you know I have a blog dedicated to books?
My Reading Journeys
It's over here
I'm trying to get a following over there so that I can post more reviews there so that there aren't so many review posts here.  
I'd love for you to come over there and follow me.  
Check out some of the great books I've read that I didn't post here. 
So that's how I rest.  
What does a day of rest mean to you?
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