Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Homemaker/Tuesday Edition W/ Prayer Need

Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where you just run behind?
I didn't want to miss HHM even though I didn't post yesterday.
I did post a children's book spotlight tour you can read it here.
 Happy Homemaker Monday
The weather...
what a difference a few days make.  Last week Frigid was the word.  This week Gorgeous!  Currently it's 76.  Please don't hate me. HeHe.
On my reading pile...
   A few for reviews.  
And on my phone for fun ...
Product DetailsProduct Details
On ny t.v.
Flea Market Flip
Living Alaska 
and next week Scandal! (I know so bad.  But soooo good)
On the menu for this week...
Monday--Award Dinner at the facility where we serve
Tuesday--Creamy Bacon Mushroom Thyme Chicken  over pasta
Wednesday--Kielbasa, Fried Potatoe's, Salad
Thursday--Kid friendly Chicken Strips, Chicken Parm for adults
Saturday--Fried Shrimp, Salad Baked Potato
Sunday--Fiesta nacho's (from left over chicken)
On my to do list...
Move a big shelf from garage into sewing room.  Change the shelves that I got when we moved in.  They just don't fit. 
And finally get my sewing room functioning!
What I am sewing...
Sadly nothing till I get my space fixed up!
Looking around the house...
I love our new home.  It's been hard getting things settled in and fitting right but it will be so nice once we have a few new pieces of furniture.  I love my green house room!  We are planning on getting a wood stove for it.  There's only been a couple days it was too cold to enjoy. 
From the camera...
My sister sent me a calendar for my birthday.
Something fun to share...
The party is over here
One of my simple pleasures...
coping Sandra today.  I love cookbooks too.  I love the access of  pinterest in fact what I am about to cook is from a pin.  But I just enjoy cookbooks. New or old it doesn't matter!   I can just sit and look at the photo's and be happy.
Scripture, prayer request or devotional...
Today please pray for a clients family.  Their dog is at the vet. 
This morning when I arrived he was unable to walk. Long story short they think it was caused by a bite of some sort.  They are not sure exactly and how to treat.  
It was so sad today watching him in so much pain . . . 
He was in extreme pain and miserable all morning while I was there.  They weren't able to get him to the vet till 3:30.  The photo she sent of him in the exam room was really sad.  His name is Teddy and he is only 3.  Please pray for him and the family.
Updated at 7:14 Teddy is home with family being watched. 
The vets ran tests/blood work etc.  His blood levels are not normal.  The feel he has a toxic infection. Possibly snake bite. 
Odd they live in a neighborhood. the time the Personal Assistant arrive (after I left) he had lost all use of his hind quarter.  Thankfully she is much younger than me and was able to get him in the car.  She took him in before his appointment.  She had to ask the techs to gurney him in.  
He is resting at home with around the clock supervision.  Ready to be taken to ER if necessary.

So that's a look at my plans for the week.  I am joining
Sandra at Family Corner for Happy Homemaker Monday.  
Go by and visit and join the party!

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