Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tips On Tuesday...Did you know?

I have a tip today.  Did you know that you can download a Kindle App to your phone? 
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It's very simple and super easy to do.  And the cool thing is right now Amazon is offering free books. 
When you download the app you can get 10 free books!
These are a few of the books I got for free . . . 
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If your looking for a few books for summer reading, maybe for your vacation.  Check out getting the Kindle app for your phone!

It's free.  Free is good.  I like free!  And that's Frugal!

If you happen to get an error message that says not enough data just go into the settings of your phone and uninstall some of the factory installed apps that you don't use.  

If your like me you might have a ton of photo's on your phone. I usually take photo's for my blog on my phone and I forget to delete them.  

Try it!  Let me know if you do.  I'd love to see what books your going to read.  

These books will all be reviewed on my book blog.  I'd love for you to go over and visit!  Click here

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