Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good Fences/Guest Ranch

I've missed visiting and joining Tex at Good Fences.  So I thought today I would borrow a few and introduce you to a great place to vacation.
If your thinking about a trip to Wyoming plan on visiting the Bill Cody Ranch in Wapiti Valley, Wyoming . . .
I found some great fences . . .
I always love to find an excuse to include a horse in my post!

Jim Mountain, Wapiti, Wyoming:

A little scenery around the area the Shoshone National Park . . .

The view behind the Wapiti Lodge.  You can barely see the fence.

Our favorite family vacation was the year trip to Wyoming and South Dakota.
Although we didn't stay at a guest ranch we loved every minute!

What a fabulous room!  Next week I'll share this gem with you.  Stay tuned!

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