Monday, August 3, 2015

Tweekin' The Cottage

A Mini Cottage tour . . .
Our home is loosely described as a cottage.  It's not but I like to pretend it is something like this . . .
                                                    New Tracks B&B in Kyle,Texas
In reality this is our home . . .
We live in an apartment.  And it is tiny and stone.  Today I decided I would call it
a cottage and invite you in on a mini tour . . .

Last week I shared a mini tour of my kitchen and counters.  You can read that post here.  I am always
tweekin' everything.  Partly because I love changing things around.  Partly because its a challenge to fit in
everything I want to enjoy.

We have a living/dining/kitchen kind of great room or open floor plan.  In the dining room area we have the mantle that The Cowboy bought me last year for my birthday.  I have wanted one for years and years.
I tweeked it a little for July 4th.  Click here to see the post.   Today I wanted to share a few elements that I have displayed on the mantle . . .
The current mantle theme celebrates our son . . .
A photo displays a 2nd place ribbon he won at our church's Rodeo.  Our church had a rodeo before Cowboy church became popular . . .
Just below the photo are the boots he was wearing . . .

Some how they are the only pair that I ended up with.  Dirty and scuffed as they are they are cherished.
Also displayed are a pair of his spurs.  These aren't as old as the boots . . .
They are displayed next to a vintage ceramic piece.  It was cheap '50s but I love it.  It is sitting on a stand
that our son made when he was about 18.  It's old rusted horse shoes from his horse that he welded together.
A shot of a couple of trophies from Horse Shows.  The silver one was originally cheap black plastic.
The spiral part was gold.  I asked The Cowboy to spray paint it silver.  I think it still needs work.
I want to get the paint of the tag.  It was originally brass.

And lastly a photo of our sons horse . . .                                                            
 Another cherished item.  My daughter had taken some photos of our grandson with "Pal".  This is the last photo we have of him.

I have something new sitting beside the mantle.  For now.  At least until I 'tweek' again . . .

My newest dumpster find.  A really tall plant stand.  It's pretty heavy wood.  Of course I plan to paint it.

And one more shot.  Remember this is a mini tour . . .
  The Cowboy came home with this treasure a couple of weeks ago.  $20.00 at a resale store!
  Oh I forgot to mention the mantle was $30.00. He found it on Craigslist.
  He was so proud.  He has a cigar humidor that it matches perfectly.  Same brass and all!

  I especially like the shelf.  Perfect for a book.
  On top I just displayed a few antlers on a hide . . .
So that's it for the mini tour.  Even though its a tiny cottage.  There is a lot to show you.   Come back net week another installment of the Mini Cottage tour.

BTW I am always tweekin' so there's always something to see.

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Unknown said...

Stopping by from NTT.
Nice to meet a fellow horse buddy!!


Denise said...

enjoyed the tour.

Stephanie said...

What a delightfu tour! Your cottage is quite cozy and charming :) Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration...I hope you're able to join us again next week. Blessings!

Karen said...

Not quite sure how I got here, hopping from blog to blog, but I just had to tell you that I have the matching giant teacup for your little horse plate. At least they are made in England, and not China;-)