Monday, August 24, 2015

Blue Monday/Fall Trees

The weather is changing here . . . 
                      . . . it's been cooler

Then yesterday it was hot and humid but breezy . . . 

                       . . . we took a walk
               Tree  1
I love the leaves at the top.  I wasn't able to get a shot and barely got this one.  But just after I took this
shop a bunny scurried across our path.  Daisy wanted to chase it sooooo bad!

And a collection of a few of the shots.  I liked how the shadows played on the ground.  You have to look really close on the far right I tried to get a bird feeder in the shot.  Daisy is usually with me when I photo and it's a little hard sometimes.
The leaves are turning on these trees.  Mainly the pines.  I'm not sure what kind of pine they are but they drop their leaves early.

I like to think it's already Fall.  I mean the leaves are turning.
Trree Mosaic 1
See I told you. Hehe.  And one more of that Fall tree . . .
I really think this particular tree is changed so because of lack of water.  This area is shaded and is barely watered.  You can't really tell but there is hardly any grass.  It frustrates me.  We asked, begged , asked
again.  And gave up asking.

And one more last one . . .
I couldn't get a shot of what I really wanted.  This pine tree is covered in pine cones.  You can see a couple on the ground.  I'm going to be checking the ground daily.  I picked up 6 yesterday.

Fall is close.  I feel it.

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