Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tweekin' The Thrifty Tablescape

On Saturday I pulled toghether a new 'scape' for my counter.  I knew I would end up 'Tweakin' it.

Here's the 'Tweeked' version . . .
My favorite part is the little bunny I added . . .
The succulents I moved inside Saturday and repotted them into these cute little glass container
They weren't thriving outside.  I hope they will do better in doors . . .
I added the candles.  I thought the square candles worked well with the square bowls.  Then the little
votive to mimic the cut glass plates.

                                                     This is a very frugal table setting.
The white dinner plates were bought at our local grocery store.
The cut glass plates are vintage family heirlooms with no markings.
The square white bowls probably cost more than any thing in the entire vignette  from Pottery Barn
I loved the elements.  But something was missing.
                  I went into my closet and found the perfect item to pull the whole thing together.

Back to the closet.  This caught my eye.  I loved the texture that the stitchery added.
                                                       Can you guess what it is?
                                                      You guessed it!  A curtain.
                                                          Looks good here too!

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