Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday's Are Sweet

Saturdays are sweet when . . . 
So? How would you finish that sentence.  There are many things that make my Saturday Sweet.
Today it is this . . .

Don't you just looooooooove my 'do?  And did you see my sweet curtins.  I am about to rip them down and make a shower curtin or quilt out of them.   That would be a repurpose!

HeHe.  That's really not me or anyone I know.  I don't know this beautiful girl either . . .
File:Mary Parker, a young Seminole girl, using sewing machine at the Brighton Day School on the Glades County Reservation, Fl - NARA - 519170.jpg
But I thought she deserved being shown.  Look at the work she is doing.  Oh my.  Click on the source for the story.

So seriously I am sewing and this is what I've been doing . . .
I spy book blocks T
Just a few of the blocks that will be pages in an I Spy Book.
I saw the idea on Pinterest.  The original made 6" pages but I chose to make mine 8"
I used a few orphaned blocks.  A great way to use this Pinwheel that wasn't quite perfect.  Do you see what's wrong with it . . .
I didn't purchase any fabric.  These are all made from scraps from quilts I've made.  The dog and cat prints are from a quilt that I made my daughters dog.
Alot of the scraps are from fabric donated to the ministry that I was involved in.  We made baby quilts.
I have a lot of the left over fabric.
I was at a bit of a disadvantage when I sat down yesterday to make these blocks.  My dumb iron decided
to stop working.  So that is why they are so wrinkled.   Hopefully tomorrow we'll stop and buy a new one on the way home from church.   I resorted to laying the blocks under stacks of books.  Didn't help much.

I've put away these blocks at least for today because I have one more project that I want to finish for Monday.  The books can wait till later in the week or even next week.

Here's the main thing I want ready . . .
I'm making a collection of ABC's for the children to play with.  Got a few more to go.  I left the template on the A because the opening was too small to cut.  I need to get The Cowboy to give me an Xacto knife.
Have no idea where he has one.  I used bulletin board punch out letters for my template and just pinned them on and sewed around them.  There is scraps of batting between.

These will be perfect to put in a basket for the children to play with.  I'll use in circle time and I can attach them to the bulletin board.  I have another set of larger letters I am working on but not ready to reveal.
Oh that's a teaser! You'll have to come back by to see. HeHe.

So that's whats making my Saturday Sweet.  Sewing is always sweet to me!  At least when I'm sewing what I want!

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Hope your Saturday is Sweet and your Trails are Happy.
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