Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Carry On --Wit/Wisdom

I was thinking of writing a post about vacations so I was looking at some ideas on Pinterest.
The below photo popped up and the following story came to mind.    (all photo's were found on Google)
Joining Linda Kay for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. The Carry On a Short Story . . . Active toddlers need lots of entertainment on airplanes. Don't forget a thing on your next flight with this toddler packing list for carryon bags.

'Mommy are we leaving soon?"  "How long will it take?"  "Are you afraid of  flying?"  " Can I take my cat?"
The questions kept coming.  Over and over.  The children were so excited.  Their first time on an airplane was something to marvel about.  And flying all the way to another country was just too much to imagine.

An early summer vacation in sunny Mexico was on the horizon.  We were all excited to spend 10 days laying in the sun.  Building sand castles, wading on the beach.  Maybe a little snorkeling.

The anticipation was building as we shopped for new swim suits and beach towels.  As we laid out clothes.
Shorts and t shirts were the planned attire.  Of course hair bows for the girls.  And lots of rubber  bands to tie off braids.

"Mommy can I take my doll?"  More questions came as the bags we being packed.  "I want to take my crayons."  Smiling . . . "Yes" I said . . . "You may pack a bag for the plane. You can take anything you
want."  Little did I realize I was taken literally.   Thankfully this trip was taken during the days before
carry on's had a weight limit.

Image result for little girl in airport

The big day came.  All went well.  We managed to get to DFW on time.  We caught our flight and settled in with our huge carry on!  We colored.  We sang.  We played lego's.  We played dollies.  And we landed in Mexico City with only minutes to catch a connecting flight.   The Cowboy takes our sons hand.  I take our daughters.  "Follow me" he yells as he runs down the concourse.  Easier said than done.  I am dragging a 6 year old and a 20 pound bag of toys!  Yes it seemed like it was 20 pounds.  It may have been 30 pounds.

 Who would have thought a 6 year old could pack that much stuff in a tote bag for a 2 hour plane flight!

The Cowboy and I just shook our heads and ran for the plane.  Thankfully we made our flight.  And as
we sat down we asked the question that had been on our minds all day. . . "Why did you pack so much?"

That sweet little 6 old smiled and said . . . "Well it took daaaaays to drive to Colorado and that's another state! " Mexico is a whole nother country!"

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Our trip to Mexico was way back in 1985 waaay before fancy bags with wheels.  


Carola Bartz said...

Well, you can't beat that truth!
I remember intercontinental flights with my then two year old, more than 10 hours on a plane with a child that didn't want to go to sleep... and had just decided that she doesn't need diapers any more. We half half hour trips to the bathroom. When we finally landed in San Francisco all the passengers on the plane knew us...
I hope your vacation in Mexico was wonderful!

bj said...

ahhh, how cute. Hope your trip was all you wanted it to be.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Oh, what a cute thing he said! This post was beautifully written.

Linda Kay said...

A delightful story, and thanks so much for joining in! I'm always amazed at what goes on in the minds of children.