Friday, May 29, 2015

Five Minute Friday--Blue

Goin' to a fun party over at Kate's.  She gives us a topic and we write about it for five minutes.
So setting the timer and I am off . . .

Blue this small little word conjures up so much to write about.  Like Blue Moon and a Blue Spell and many more phrases.  One of my favorites Blue Monday.  I have so much fun partying over
at Sally's for her weekly linky party.  There are so many different posts all about the amazing color Blue.
It's hard to feel Blue on Mondays but alas sometimes I do feel Blue.  But visiting Sally and my other blogging friends cheers me up.  What cheers me up more is the sweet comments and kind words I receive
here on my blog.  I know I am not the best photographer.  I don't take wonderful photo's of my food.
And write great tips.  And have a beautifully decorated home to share.  I usually write about the same thing over and over.  That's why I love Five Minute Friday.  But this blog this little place in my otherwise Blue 
world makes me happy.  Someday's what I write/post in itself seems to chase away the Blues.  Some days
it is a sweet comment.  A kind word.  Do you realize what a kind word can mean?  Do you realize that just leaving a little comment can cheer someone up?   Maybe chase away the Blues. Because face it
someday's maybe it's just not a pretty word.
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                                                            Happy Trails                               


BusyB said...

I really like your picture of the horse and cat! today is a beautiful day. Thanks for letting me come and visit.

Anonymous said...

Yup, can't look at that photo without smiling - you've given us a simple gift today to lift our spirits. Thanks for sharing your words, thoughts, and things that make you smile.

Ruthie Gray said...

Thanks for being real and sharing your thoughts! You're right - a kind word or comment can mean so much! I hope you have a pleasant weekend, and I'm going to visit Blue Monday!

Tara Ulrich said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. So fun to read your post. My blog makes me happy too! I've not heard of Blue Monday before. I'll have to check out that linkup.