Thursday, May 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday--Follow

Joining Five Minute Friday again.  It's nice to be back writing from a prompt for only 5 minutes.   Simple.
Easy.  No plans, no regrets, no edits etc.  Here goes . . .
Start . . .  
Who do you follow?  That's a big buzz word in the blog world.  I catch myself checking my stats almost daily to see who's stopping by.  Who is following me.  But I wonder why?  Do you follow me because I follow you?  Do you follow because you like what you find here.  Do you follow to build your list of followers?  These are all questions I am sure we've asked ourselves at least a few times.
I know when I choose to follow another blogger I tend to choose bloggers that like the same things I do.
But I also follow bloggers that have different interests.  Bloggers that live in different places.  Single moms, lovely ladies with 1 child or 20.  Working moms, stay home moms.  Yes I do follow a lot of different people.  Please with different hopes, dreams.  Different hobbies.  Different  ways of dressing.  I could go on an on.  I don't know why you follow me. Or if you do.  I do follow bloggers.  But there are footsteps I follow too.

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