Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing with PicMonkey

I  love editing my photo's with PicMonkey.  It is fun to play around with.  Here are a few simple
changes . . .
First I made a fun collage of photo's from our daughters birthday a few years ago.  We took her to lunch at the marina of a local lake.

I added this water effect to the collage.  Just for fun playing around.

Next I played with individual photos adding frames etc.
I love this shot.  This is a couple of years ago.  He has all his teeth.  Now he is missing his two front teeth.
This one I changed the size when I put it in the post.  I love the large size.
Playing in the water.  I framed this one like a snap shot.  This is the size of the photo's straight from Pic Monkey.
Here's the same one with a frosty edge.

I think I like the snap shot best.  And one more with Mama . . .
Pic Monkey is really fun and free.  There are more options if you choose to spend a few dollars and upgrade.   Check it out. 


bj said...

PicMonkey is such fun..I use it and 2 more all the time. I love all the cute frames and the awesome fonts.
He sure is a cutie pie boy...:)

Unknown said...

I love PicMonkey !!! It is so easy to use and has many great effects. Your pictures are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Meeting of the minds.