Thursday, October 23, 2014

Alphabet Thursday Letter W Watermark or Not

Winding down with Letter W. 
 Looks like we're almost to the end of the Alphabet with Jenny over at Alphabet Thursday . . .

This week I have been writing (oh that's another W word! forgive me I teach pre-school) about Watermarks on photo's. 

I was having a  little trouble earlier in the week with applying a Watermark to my photo's and wrote this post. 

The comments/tips I got from that post covered the spectrum from advise to comments from friends that don't use Watermarks on their photo's, to tips on how to. 

Watermarking was something that I haven't done until recently. 

Also, you'll notice no warning or request asking you not to use my photos. I am a very amateur photographer.  I have no problem with someone posting my photo's in fact I would be honored if someone liked them so much that they would want to use them. 

I have intentionally not put warnings on my blog because personally I find it annoying.   Personally I rarely visit a blog that starts with a warning.  Not that I intend to use photo's from other blogs.   But because I think it is ridiculous.  If your putting your photo's on a blog or anywhere on the web your opening the door for someone to use them.  So why a warning? 

If I see a photo I want to use I ask first. (except Pinterest pics, usually I can't find the original source) 
                                                                    Found on Pinterest

Or in the case of the Fabulous Fall party I do put in the fine print/rules for linking that I might use the photo's in an upcoming post.  And I always link back. 

                                                              Fabby's Living

So with that said.  Why do I Watermark?  The photo's I Watermark are the photo's that include my family and close friends. 

With that said.  Probably anyone with a little work could copy the photo's and crop the Watermark but that's a little work and hopefully too much effort. 

If your visiting my blog and you like one of my photo's I'd love you to comment and let me know.   

Watermarking or not?  I'll keep trying to figure out the glitch and add a watermark to the photo's of my family. 

So do you Watermark your Photo's? 

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