Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sleepover Saturday--Featuring Debbie Dabble

 I had this idea.  I have all these sweet bloggy friends that linked at The Fabulous Fall Linky party.  And I just love visiting them.  I thought that you might like to also. 

So I decided to pack up a few things . . .

And take a drive along the coast.  And maybe stop over for a night or two.  Wanna come along? 

Since this is a virtual sleepover.  You don't really have to pack.  You don't really have to even change clothes.  Just come along and meet some of my favorite friends.   

Gotta run and get Daisy all packed and ready to go and visit our sweet friend Debbie . . .
We were greeted the moment we stepped onto the lovely front porch.  Which is what captured our attention for this visit.
I've been planning for weeks to visit Debbie.  I loved the post about these urns that the frugal Debbie got for 'free'! 
Just look at the colors.  Fall has arrived!
We stepped inside and I was able to see the Fabulous Fall Tree!
Debbie Featured her Fabulous Tree here.
And look at the Fabulous Village she brought out for Fall.
Debbie takes Fabulous photo's for her posts!
This is the post that caught my eye on my first visit to Debbie's.
Look at the Fabulous Christmas Decorations!  Debbie loves Christmas as much as I do.  Click here to see this post.
It was so fun visiting.  I couldn't help but ask Debbie to show me her storage spaces! 
But she only winked and said "Well that's another post."
And then, we settled down for a cup of tea and chatted the night away. 
Link your Fabulous Fall posts!  Click Here
Thanks Debbie for the Sweet Visit!
Linking with Christine at Sweet Saturday. Click Here.


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...


Thanks so much for the Fabulous Feature!!! I am so honored and touched by your words!

I shared your post on Facebook and Google + and gave you a Shout Out in a post!!

Thanks so much, my friend!! And thanks so much for always stopping over and for being one of my greatest Cheerleaders!! Cheering me on in whatever i do!!

Many Hugs to you,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

And to answer you question about Storage...... Here is a link that i did on Storage!


Denise said...

I'm Your newest follower and I joined Your Sleep over Sunday too.Thanks again and nice to meet You.Please do drop by and say hello :) Denise

Tea in the Library said...

What a great idea! So glad to have found your blog through Debbie -Dabble.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the sleepover.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Denise said...

Thank You for such a nice comment on My last blog post.Good to hear others agree with Me sometimes.After I posted it,what I suspected did happen after all-hardly no comments.It seems anyways to Me every time I express My faith on My blog that's when I barely get any comments.It's a tiny bit scary to Me,and I don't even know why,well maybe it's something like fear of rejection.Of course You may feature any post of mine, that would be new to Me and an honor-Denise