Sunday, October 19, 2014

Test Post-Dummies At Blogging--Applying a Watermark

I am fighting with my computer!  I am determined to make this work!
Trying to get the watermark to work.  For some reason my computer won't upload this photo.  For some reason some of my photo's my computer won't save.  I have them stored on another private blog. It makes no sense to me.  Some from every upload won't work.  It's random when it happens.

 I finally went around through the back door to get this to work.   I posted the original above photo to my private Facebook page.    Since it wouldn't upload from my computer I started this post and put it at the top of the post.  Published it.  Then I opened the post and copied the address and posted to FB.
The photo showed up.   Then I stored it into my computer from the FB post.  It would not store it from the Blogger post.   It's so weird.   

Look at the two different sizes.   Once I got it stored I uploaded to Pic Monkey to add the watermark.
I can't seem to save anything from Pic Monkey to my computer.  So I posted it to Pinterest.  Then I copied from pinterest and posted here. 

In a long round about way.  I managed to get this photo watermarked.  Wow.  That was really an ordeal and not one I would normally undertake. 

I'm posting this crazy post on all my favorite linky parties in hopes that someone else might know what the problem is and have an idea how to fix or change the settings on my computer which is where I think the problem is. 

Before I close I am going to see what happens if I try and insert the photo again below and change the size . . .
I usually just go into the HTML on the post and find the numbers and change the size to what I want. 
I know that with blogger you can choose Small, Med and Large but those sizes just don't make me smile. 

Let's see what happens. 

Opps apparently not going to work.  Because I copied this photo from FB I guess the size numbers don't show up.  Let's see what happens if I use Bloggers sizing option . . .
Very fuzzy way too big!  Let's try another . . .
Still fuzzy.  It is much better here in the original . . .
But no watermark. 

So, does anyone have the answers?    Is there a setting in your computer that won't allow it to copy certain photo's?      Just a reminder.  These are all my personal photo's the I uploaded onto a private blog to store.  I uploaded them to save from my original computer a slow death. 

So, if you can help I would love it! 

I am going to link this Crazy, Chaotic post of my world on all the linky parties listed on my sidebar. 
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Tea Party

I really enjoyed writing the original post.(Click Here)   I love playing around with the pics and making fun mosaics!   Here's the original collage/mosaic made using Pic Monkey.  I wasn't able to save it on the computer so it is posted on my Pinterest page.  I copied it and pasted it here.  This is the original size.

Tea Party
Sizing changed by going into HTML.  Original above photo was 736x736.  This photo is 536x536

I'd love your comments and tips!

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