Saturday, October 25, 2014

Losing My Sanity on Saturday

           Can we go back to these days and still be able to blog?

My computer(s) are causing me to loose my sanity.  Could not
log on all day yesterday.  So I missed Tex and Good Fences. 

All my current Critter and Outdoor Photo's are on the newer computer which decided to take an unauthorized break.  And believe me it may be permanent! 

The computer I am working on is the older one which has problems too. Actually there's nothing wrong except the cord is broken and it won't stay charged. So this is about all the post I can manage. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'll be around as soon as I can. I can go to the office here at the apartment so I will do that on Tuesday for sure and try to get the link up and to announce the winner of the Give a way. Please be patient with me and come by I'll need the encouragement! One more thing before I go. Make sure you know your passwords and the email address associated with your blog. If your using an old one you don't use anymore make sure your back up with your phone. That was the only way I was able to log into blogger today. Save your sanity!
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