Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm Blue . . .

Yep today I am Blue I am frustrated with my computer.  
I won't have much time so here's a little Blue for today . . .
Sharing today my daughters birthday present from a friend.
It is custom made just for her.  Can you quess what it is?

 Opened up. . . This is a tack storage unit.  The apparatus on the left holds her saddle.  There is plenty of room for blankets, saddle pads,
halters, head stalls and reins and a medical kit.  All important things for a horse woman. 
Just for fun a pic I found of a local store.  Just a few boots. 
If you come to Cow Town (Ft. Worth) you can find lots of boots.

Hopefully I'll be posting photo's from the horse show yesterday.  My computer isn't cooperating but I can at least get some from her FB post. 

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Michelle said...

I love the storage unit.
Always special to get something handmade from a friend.


Linda Kay said...

Well, now, that's not something I'd be looking for - a tack cabinet! Great line of boots. I'm in the market but Ft.Worth is a bit far to go from Fredericksburg. ;-)

SmilingSally said...

Hi Sherry,

Your link to Blue Monday is not working. Could you please fix it?

Happy Blue Monday!

Denise said...

Love your blues.