Monday, July 18, 2011

A silly post?

Good morning.  Today here in Texas it is hot, hot, hot.  The other day a friend (Becky click here )wrote a post and said what do you have if you drop the 't' from hot?  I didn't get ,but I bet you did!  Yes you have ho, ho, ho.  So if it is really hot, hot, hot where you are think ho, ho, ho, maybe it will cool you done.  Sorry that was really silly wasn't it!

Well I am thinking silly this morning because I am watching . . .
Yep I am watchin' Blues Clues with my 3 year old grandson.  And,  I am thankful that I am.  And, I am thankful for all the really sweet emails and comments I got the other day after I wrote this post.

And since we're watching Blues Clues I thought I would share a couple more Blue photo's with you I found.
I thought this was amazing. 

 This was a DIY project I found over here.  Amazing.  I so want to do this. 
And I found this at my friend Beth's she is an amazing DIYer and she has done an amazing job decorating.  I so want to copy her ideas since I live no where close and can't 'hang out'.   I would so love to go shoppin' with this girl!

So your thinkin' this isn't my normal post here.  But since it is a silly day I thought I would share what I normally post over  at what I call my 'fun' blog.  But it hasn't been too fun lately.  Gosh I don't remember when I got to post there? actually it was over 23 days ago because I just found out that my friend Sally has been in the hospital for that long.  She is the sweet hostess of Blue Monday.  She has been going through an awful time.  I know she would love a visit.  Her sweet granddaughters have been keeping up with her blog.  
About my fun blog . . . all of my friends over there have deserted me.  I mean really who wouldn't after so long!  So, I thought I would post here today and invite you to come and see me.  I have some amazing I think Blue posts and a few other things.  Go over and see me there sometime.  I love visitors.

Today I shared this verse on facebook . . . Trust in the Lord with all your heart.  Lean not on your own understanding but it in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. 

I'll be writing more about this verse and why I posted it so come back a little later and check it out!
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