Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday . . . it's interesting that I was planning on writing this post and then Lynn suggested that we write about Turning Points which is exactly what this post is about.  Although I didn't really know how to title it till I read Lynn's suggestion.  I planned to write today because I am so thankful for this particular turning  point.  I have to ask you dear friends to say a pray for me.  To also bear with me because this is a really, really hard post to write.  But it is an important post.  And the first in a series. 
What I have to share with you is hard to talk about.  It is hard to admit.  It is hard put into words the pain, anquish and emotional feelings that I need to express to you all.  But if this story can help even one person then it is necessary.  Here's my Thankful post . . .
Today I am Thankful that after 5 years of emotional abuse on Labor Day weekend my daughter left her husband.  The last few weeks have been a rollar coaster for all of us.  Before I go much further in this part of the story I wanted to share a photo . . .

This is Cowboy and our 3 year old grandson putting new tags on our daughters new "to her car". 
Because of the seperation she had to get a different  'unrecognizeable' car. 

I am Thankful that God provided this car.  I am Thankful that God kept her safe for the last 5 years.  I am Thankful that even though it wasn't my timing that God provided her the strength she needed and the rescources she needed to leave.  I am Thankful that miraculously the friends she is staying with happened to have a bedroom available (just two weeks before another young woman was able to move out after 2 years)  I am Thankful for an over 18 year friendship with our friends that have provided shelter for our daughter and grandson.  I am Thankful my relationship with my daughter is beginning to get back to where it was 6 years ago.  (emotionally abuse women are brainwashed)
And, I am Thankful that my daughter wrote these words on her facebook "God is faithful . . . if you don't believe that just ask me I'll tell you how I know."

Today I am praying for you.  I am praying that if you have a loved one or a friend or an acquitance.  Or, if you know someone that is in an abusive relationship that you will pray for that person.  And, pray for yourself.  Pray that God will give you the strength to trust him.  He is faithful.  Pray that God will give you patience and strength.  And most of all that God will give you the right words to speak at the right time.  God is faithful.  And, God is the only way the only 'real' resource.
And, please , please understand and realize that hitting is not the only form of abuse.  Emotional abuse is just as deadly as physical abuse. 

And, I am Thankful that you came by today.  Because I know that God sent you here for a reason.  If you need someone to talk to.   After you've prayed about it please feel free to email me.  I will pray with you.  I will talk to you.  I will listen.  Because sometimes the only thing you can do is just tell someone about your hurts will you are doing this . . .

This post is the first in a series.  I pray that by sharing 'our' story someone else can be saved.
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