Friday, July 8, 2011

Still Thankful on Friday

Even though I didn't get to post this yesterday I am still Thankful and I wanted to share!

She smiles! And today she wrote on Facebook and I quote "God is Faithful..if you don't believe me just ask me I'll tell you how I know!" 
My darling daughter (the sunshine of my life) has been going through a tough time.  On May 25th she left her husband.  It has been a long few weeks. (4 years)

I am thankful God rescued her.  I am thankful that God kept her safe.  I am thankful that God kept my grandson safe. 
I wanted to share this photo as a follow up to post from last Saturday.  This photo is of our boys in chapel last Sunday watching the "Everything" drama video.  You can go here and read my post about the video. 

I am Thankful 33 of 43 boys were in chapel on Sunday.  I am thankful that I get to see their enthusiasm and excitement to Worship and Praise and Seek.  

I am Thankful for the ministry God allows us to be a part of. 

Even though it is Friday it seems fitting to share this list because these are things that I am Thankful for everyday.  

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