Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

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Today I am thankful that God in his divine wisdom is so into detail and the small things of our lives. Some of you might think that this is a strange post but I hope that those that are struggling believing or just trusting will see how God does provide for us through what he is doing for me right now.

Many times I mention that I am thankful that he provides specific funds for the ministry or for us. Many times on Friday I mention prayer needs for the ministry. And I am sure there are many times that I write about my frustrations when things don't happen in my timing.

Today I want to share what is going on and hopefully you will get a glimpse at the whole picture and through my story see how God in his soverienty has plans for us.

Last April we were living in a rent house. We had been living there for the last 2 years rent free. Our landlady had us manage two other properties for her in lieu of rent. In April we received notice that we had to move because they were developing the property. We had 30 days. 29 days later we were still searching for a house.
It was hard because of our ministry we weren't able to show job stability and we couldn't find anyone that would rent to us and our three horses, two cats, one rabbit and one dog. (we ended up having to give away my favorite horse)

We found two different houses that we really liked and that would work for us. Signed papers put up the non-refundable filing fee of $125.00 on one and $100.00 on another and both were rejected. We're in the hole $225.00 and our ready cash is dwindling rapidly.

Of course our wonderfull landlady gave us more time and we found the house that we are in now. Which by the way we love. It is another long story about finding it but I will just mention this when we drove up to the property with our big dog to meet the landlord we were pleased to see his big dog in the back of his truck. Enough said we clicked. He rented to us and we moved in.

Fast forward... In November we began to run out of funding. Things just started falling apart. We managed to pay November rent but we couldn't come up with December. Our landlord waited. I mean who would kick someone out in December. Well I am sure it happens. We actually had some major grant money coming that should have been received in October but they decided not fund till January '09. So we waited. January 15 rolls around no money. February 1 no money. Finally on the 10th we sit down with our landlord and tell him we would move if he could give us 30 days. He says he will wait. A few days later he calls us and we are thinking the worst of course. He tells us that he and his wife have discussed it and they have decided to donate the December and January rent. 2 days later we receive a check and pay February rent.

Fast Forward . . .Last week we started having problems with water. Loosing pressure off and on in different areas of the houses. Well long story short on that the well pump broke. They spent yesterday trying to get it out of the well. They couldn't and so now the landlord has to put in a new well to the tune of almost $16,000.

Here's the thankfulness part of the. Usually this could take 3-4 days or more. Well normally in this situation the landlord would be liable to put you in a hotel or something. Well with all our animals and responsibility here and our lack of funds to drive back and forth etc. that just wouldn't work.
Our house sits next door to the landlords property which is an Adventure Park. They offer paintball, ropes challenge courses, motocross and camping. And they have a meeting room and kitchen washers and dryers and showers.

I am thankful to live here. Last night I drove down in the dark with my big dog to take a shower. (Had to have the gaurd dog just in case even though the gates were locked!) I felt like I was a teenager again in church camp. Although the accommadations aren't anything like any camp I have ever been to.

There are Dr. Peppers, bottled water and ice at our disposal.

And so today I am Thankful that God brought us here and has provided for us. And I am thankful for the Adventure that I am living.

And I am thankful that God does care about the small things.

What are you thankful for today? Do you see God's plan in your life? Today I pray for you that God will shower you with his love and grace and you will see all that there is to be thankful for in your life.

Oh I forgot to mention my landlord is letting me put in a garden and buying supplies for it and he is building us a chicken house.
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