Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's Challenge

I just love Rachel Ann she comes up with the neatest ideas to organize us and help us make our home a sanctuary. And, she is just plain fun to read.
Here's her suggestion for today.....

Today's Small Thing is to finish one thing that you've started. It might be folding a load of undies, planting some seeds from the packets you bought weeks ago, or "cutting in" around the baseboards with paint in the rooms you started painting before Christmas. Put some legs on your vision today and make it happen! Take a small beginning and give it a fitting end!
Then pat yourself on the back for a job well DONE!

POINTS: 40 for finishing ONE small're one step closer to the kind of world you want.
I will be putting away the clothes that have been sitting in a laundry basket (clean and folded) for several days now!
What are YOU finishing today?
Hey! Give yourself 10 extra points for sharing in the comments or telling someone what you finished!
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