Monday, March 2, 2009

Home Maker Monday with Sandra

One of my favorite places to visit is Sandra she has started this Home Maker Monday. I used to do one on another blog but I liked Sandra's questions and I love visiting her so I wanted to join. (click on her name to get to her blog)

On my bedside table:
My Bible,A quilting book (I don't read at night so usually not much here. I read my Bible when the baby is napping on my bed)

On my TV:
nothing now forgot to turn it on
The Bachelor tonight come back for a post about my impressions. I have never watched it before

On the menu for tonight:
Something easy,easy,easy (why? You'll see in the craft basket)

On my To Do List:
Mop and Sweep the floors
Wash all the bed linens
Clean kitchen

New Recipe I tried last week:
Nothing new. I did cook pork chops my ol fashioned way with breading and made
gravy and rice. I love minute rice!

In the craft basket:
bet you couldn't wait...btw this is why I haven't been writing)
A quilt for my daughters birthday. Notice on my calendar I never know what day it is. Well if I am right I think I have approximately 29 days to finish it. Hopefully I'll get some photo's today or tomorrow. I am working hard everyday trying to get it done.

Looking forward to:
Seeing my daughters face when she see's the quilt.

Homemaking Tip for this week:
i was going to post this Sat. but inter-net wasn't cooperating. Not really a homemaking tip exactly.
You know you need to clean your sewing room when you drop a bobbin on the floor and kind find it! I cleaned most of the sewing room and found said bobbin. Another tip have more than one bobbin for your machine!

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
Can't think of one except a wonderfully sweet post I read at Becky's last night she has a new puppy named Fiona. She is adorable

Favorite photo from last week:
Can you believe I wanted a new camera so bad and I have hardly used it. I tell you once that quilt is done I will be posting twice a day at least!

Lesson learned the past few days:
Smile even in the midst of chaos in your sewing room. Only because I am not really the one that made the chaos. My dear Cowboy decided to take all the boxes that were in the bedroom and stash them in my sewing room. Hence part of the mess. As I emptied them and looked for someplace to put the contents I had to remind myself not to grumble.

On my Prayer List:
My Cowboy begins drivers ed. class today. He will be teaching beginning in June.
My daughter
Plans for a trip with daughter, son in law, and baby to see my son and family in Missouri

Devotionals, Scripture Reading, Key Verses:
Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do wheter in word or deed do in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father throuh Him.

Posting here today too. Come by for a visit.
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