Saturday, March 7, 2009

Then Sings My Soul

This amazing video is a little bit of a departure from the normal Then Sings My Soul post but when I saw it yesterday I knew that I had to share it along with why it is special to me. I hope you enjoy it. It isn't about the song it is about this . . .

In case you weren't able to tell but this amazing rider is riding this horse with no bridle or reins. The rider and horse are completely in tune. This ride was at the Congress the biggest horse competition in the U.S. The event is Free Style Reining. The rider has specific manevuers that are required. The ride is required to be coreographed to music. In a regular Free Style Riding class the horse has a bit and bridle and reins.

This rider is riding Bridleless. This is no easy task. In fact normally there is not even a bridleless class at most shows because it is so advanced. Horses are not meant to just do what you ask just because you ask. They must have a bridle on thier head with a bit in thier mouths to tell them what to do. To be able to train the horse to work this way is a very high achievement. And shows a special bond between the horse and rider.

I have seen that special bond.

When I saw this video last night I cried. I have seen many similar rides and they were special. But seeing this now struck me deeply. Hearing what the announcer said and then seeing the bond between this horse and rider touched my soul and so therefore it had to be my Then Sings My Soul Post.

This post and the following week is dedicated to a special horse and his girl.
I hope that you come back this week to hear my story of this kind of special bond.
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