Monday, October 3, 2022

Busy Monday

 Wow!  My day must really be Busy

It is 12:44 and I am just getting to my post!  

And now it is 2:19 and I am about to click publish! 

Does this ever happen to you . . .

Boy it seems to be happening today! 

I was Busy this morning posting the Good Morning greeting for my FB group . . . 

Then I posted today's verse.  We have a month long list.  I only post on Monday and Thursday.  

I was Busy last week choosing the group of verses and theme for the month.  This is the list I chose for October.  For this group I am taking my time and praying about our projects.  I also choose a list with short passages.  1 or 2 verses a day. 

There are other topics on the other days.   Here is today's verse and the photo I chose . . . 

I found several on the Internet to choose from but this one just spoke to me.   

When I finish this post I will get Busy and write the verse and hopefully create a Mixed Media project.   

Here's the last page of our September verses.  The subject was Joy . . . 

I write each verse.  I was so Busy in September that I illustrated a few! 

At least I wrote them all down! 

My goal is to encourage the ladies in the group to be creative and/or write or Journal the verses.  

I got Busy this morning with my Crochet project . . . 


Over the weekend I laid out my 40 plus blocks to see how much of the bed they covered.  I calculated I need only 200 more!  I better get Busy!

I guess I let time get away from me.  The house was quiet and I just enjoyed some 'Me' time.  I crocheted 5 more blocks  already today. 

My mind is Busy I can't decide how I feel about decorating for Christmas!  I can't believe I am leaning toward a Bah Humbug year.  

A few months ago I told the Cowboy I wanted to get a tree in October.  Last year we almost didn't have a tree at all! We got a 'Free' live tree. 

A store gave it away!  I saw it on FB and drove over and got it! 

I guess I need to get out of this funk and appreciate the gift that we can afford to buy a tree. 

It's just that I am tired and Busy I have so much to do every day.  

A couple of weeks ago I had to go back to making the dogs food.  I started making for one dog.  Then I realized the other dog was having some problems.  I took her off Kibble and no more being woke in the middle of the night! 

It's a lot of work cooking a whole Chicken every 3 days.  Then very carefully de-boneing.  I also cook a pot of Rice every couple of days.  And I cook Carrots for them.  They also have canned Green Beans and Canned Peas.  A few weeks ago the Green Beans were 1.29 a can!  So I found a #10 can it was much cheaper.   But; then I had to put the Beans in mason jars in the fridge.  6 jars!   I was super Busy with making their food.  Feeding.  Walking them.  And washing all those jars! 

 Thankfully Walmart has Green Beans again for .58!  There is a limit I can only get 12 at a time.  But I learned I can get 12 Cut Green Beans, 12 French Style and 12 Salt Free!  36 cans get us through the month!  

I am Busy finishing up a project for the FB group.  We are making Prayer Pockets to send to the Prayer  Pocket Ministry.  Here are a few I have made with leftover paper and cardstock from last year's Fall project . . . 

The Prayer Pockets ministry was founded by Penny . . . 

Click Here

And, I am super Busy planning  menus and cooking food that appeals to the Cowboy.   I spend alot time looking for new ideas that 'Might' appeal to him.  The other day he told me we have Guacamole  too often.  A few weeks before he was tired of Tacos.  Last night I tried a new recipe  using Sirloin Steak which we got on sale.  

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Now my 'Go To' method for cooking Sirloin.  I can use this method and change the sauce.  It comes out super tender and juicy.  And tasty! 

And now lunch is done and it is time to get Busy and wash dishes.  

What's keeping you Busy today?

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PaulaShort said...

Wow! You sure were busy. So many compliments to give and I don't know where to start. You do such beautiful work. I so love the payer pockets.
Visiting today from You're The Star linky #10,11&12