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Meet Ava Colburn Main Character in Shielding the Tiny Target

 August 5 – My Journey Back – CHARACTER GUEST POST  

Meet the Main Character . . .
Ava Colburn

Hi, I’m Ava Colburn. I’m sorry to say I don’t live a very exciting life, by most standards anyway. I spend my days working in a flower shop in Seaport, a small town on eastern Long Island, and caring for my very precocious three-year-old daughter, Missy. To say Missy is a handful is a vast understatement. The child gets into everything. In the past few years living in Seaport, I’ve gotten to know most of the firefighters by name, and not because the firehouse is across the street from the flower shop.

Then comes the day Missy gets her head stuck between the stairway railings, and a handsome stranger barges into my living room. I have to admit to being terrified until he explains he just returned to Seaport and is a volunteer firefighter. Once we straighten that out, he tends to Missy with such kindness my heart melts a bit.

Unfortunately, romance isn’t in the cards for me. While I live a quiet life now, my past is fast sneaking up on me. And when someone breaks into my house and threatens to kidnap Missy, I’m determined to go on the run again to keep her safe. Oh, right, did I forget to mention my pre-Seaport life was not quite as humdrum?

I ended up in Seaport when I fled my home in Florida when my husband, who was also a firefighter, was killed in the line of duty. But his death was no accident, and now his killer is after my daughter and me. Maybe it was a mistake to think I could ever stop running, ever live a normal life. I just wanted so badly for Missy to have the chance to grow up in a small community surrounded by love and friendship. But her safety is more important, so now I have a terrible choice to make; stay in Seaport and allow the new firefighter, Jack Moretta, to help me find justice for my late husband, or go on the run to keep Missy safe and spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder?

And I thought 
Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre.  Especially the Love Inspired line. 

I am glad that author Deena Alexander chose to promote her new release with Great Escapes Tours!  

Deena is a new to me author so I am glad for an introduction here. 

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