Thursday, May 5, 2022

Sometimes I Play Jenga & Other Matters of The Kitchen

 Good Morning.  

I hope your day is going Awesome! 

Today I wanted to share a game I play . . . 

On baking days in the kitchen I play Dish Drainer Jenga 

So here is my dish drainer Jenga game after a baking day.  

Only this week it turned into 3 days of baking!  

Before I share my baking disasters.  Yes that is plural.  As in 3 disasters I think maybe only 2.  Before I share all that here is my clean up sink . . . 

It never looks like this so I had to document it! 

I love my view.  We debated about keeping the stained glass but it is so pretty in my kitchen window.  I am so glad I did.  There are a couple tiny breaks and we worried about moving it but it arrived safely! 

And now on with the disasters . . .

The first one . . . I wanted a Chocolate Cookie.  I usually have a Peanut Butter or Sugar Cookie in the jar.  

I had hoped to keep a Chocolate in the other jar.  So I tried this recipe. 

Found on Pinterest. Looked and sounded good.  Chocolatey.  And easy. 

I gathered my ingredients . .

I read the recipe several times.  And read the tips about making the recipe.  
I stirred and stirred and put cookies on baking sheet. 

They actually poured onto the sheet. I baked according to directions.  When they came out of the oven they stuck to the foil.  Like really stuck.  I thought I let them cool too long and heated them slightly.  Nope they were still stuck.  I couldn't even peel the foil off. 

O.K. so maybe it was my fault the recipe Tip said use a Sil Pat Sheet. 

Hmm . . .  Into the trash they went. 

My next attempt was Oatmeal Cookies.  I really was  wanting to bake Chocolate but the Cowboy asked for Oatmeal.  Maybe because he knew we have a big carton of Oatmeal. 

I realized that in the past I used a recipe on the box.  The store brand one I have now had no recipe so I looked for my Betty Crocker cookbook. 

I couldn't find  Betty but I found this one thinking it was tried and true. 
I like that you can take out the pages.  My copy of Betty was like that . . . 

Odd looking I know.  The first batch came out like Granola and was super sweet.   I decided to put it back in fridge and re-chill and add an egg.   The egg helped they came out like real cookies but the Cowboy said they weren't sweet. 


So I am now on search of a good Chocolate Cookie Recipe.  And a good Oatmeal Cookie recipe. 

Do you have one? 

Linking with the regular parties.  Maybe someone will come by and share a good recipe. 

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