Monday, May 23, 2022

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Joining Sandra  for her party and prompts . . . 

The weather  

Beautiful  sunny days. 

Rain on Sunday night so it is cooler today.  

Outside my window 

The marina outside  the Cowboys  hospital room 

Lots of Sail Boat and Yacht  activity.  It is fun to watch. 

Right now I am 

Waiting for final orders for move to rehab

Thinking and pondering  

Changes and the new normal

How I am feeling 

Tired  but Happy The Cowboy is better 

On the breakfast  plate  

Today I made Biscuit Cinnamon Bites for the Cowboy.  They were tasty 

On my reading pile  

On my t.v. 

I have had the remote for a few days.  Lots of Food Channel  and Movies when I can find one

On the menu 

No menu plans.  I will go to grocery  store today and get fresh fruit and veggies.  I need some Salad

Looking around the house

Ugh! The dogs are shedding  so bad.  They need a good brushing!

To Do List   

Grocery  store today

I need to get a card and mail for grandsons bday

I want to talk a walk in the neighborhood  and take pictures of flowers.  

From the camera 

A pic from last June.  I hope the Cowboy can go to the Seawall soon. 

The craft  basket  

This morning  I was able to make a couple junk journal pages . . . 

. . . A little trimming then they will be read for journaling. 


Linking at Sandra's  and the regular  parties.  

Thanks for  spending  part if your day with me. 

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