Friday, June 18, 2021

Foodie Friday


I hope your having 

A beautiful  morning

Friday it's that day I share what I have served on . . . 

It was on odd week check it out . . .

Starting with our meal from last Friday night.  One of my friends sent us a Burger King gift card.  
The Cowboy asked for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. 
We waited over 20 minutes for this grease fest.  The Cowboy had to get up and complain.  10 minutes later we finally got to eat.  
The only good thing about the meal were the Chicken nuggets.  Maybe I was just starving not sure which.   The rest was barely edible.  
Sad I was so hungry and needing a night out. 

I always struggle with meals the week before payday.  Mother Hubbard's cupboards aren't Bare but the fridge and freezer are.

No fresh veggies.  No Eggs. 

  I resort to Trader Joe's White Kidney Beans.  They were just o.k.  the last can was much better.  The beans were  not soft.  This can was not near as good as the first can. I also cooked canned Spinach.  It needed some Bacon fat.  They just tasted like tin.  

The Bratwurst and Kielbasa were both great.  And the Corn Bread was so good there were no leftovers!

Sunday night I tried to make Copy Cat Taco Bell Pizza.  But I couldn't find the recipe.  It was o.k. but I also used Whole Wheat Tortillas.  It wasn't so good.  
This was my lunch last Wednesday leftover Pizza from Yagga 's. The best hand tossed I have ever eaten. And only $6.00 on Monday!
On Monday night I made Spaghetti. The Sauce was from the freezer.  I added Cream of Mushroom Soup and a 1/4 cup of my favorite Salsa.  It was the best sauce I have ever made.  
I planned Tacos on Tuesday.  I actually used Italian link Sausage.  I just took it out of the casing and fried it up.  Again on Whole Wheat Tortillas. It was surprisingly good.  The Cowboy went back for seconds. 

I didn't  have to cook  at all on 
 We were celebrating PayDay and our early Anniversary.  
We began with an early lunch at Willie's G's.
The fried Calamari was the best I have ever had! 
The Cowboy ordered Shrimp and Oysters.  Look at that Shrimp.  
The Oysters were too small.  
A big disappointment for a high restaurant. 

But my Seared Tuna was delicious.  Even though there was a bit if Cucumber hiding in them.  

After lunch we went to Walmart for our grocery shopping.  
I also bought a crock pot. 

For dinner we went to  Shrimp n Stuff.  We have been driving by for weeks watching the crowds.

Look at this Catfish!  I ordered Onion Rings and Cole Slaw.  This is the Cowboys plate with fries. 

Yum . . .

He was too busy eating.  He didn't realize I got his picture. 

We had gone early. When we left the line was out the door! 

So that was our week!
What was on your dinner plate?

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