Monday, February 22, 2021

Menu Monday

 Hello and Welcome to my late afternoon post.

I love sharing my menu plans and talking about meal planning. 

I typically plan my menu on Saturdays when I write my Happy Homemaker post. 

I haven't been writing down my menu only posting it on my blog.
But for March I want to put it in my journal and make a copy for the refrigerator.

I am using a planner I bought marked down.  I covered the dates with stickers.  I still need to change the year.

I wanted to share this photo because it has my Altered Book Daily.   This book holds my January, February and March Dailys.  I haven't even started March yet.  In my daily I write scripture and notes and prayers.  It is Junk Journal style so I can keep memories in it also. 

I enjoyed February but I am looking forward to March.  

But we have one more week of February Menus.

Here's what I am planning for the week . . .
Pan Fried Pork Cutlets, Southern Style Green Beans and Fried Potatoes and Onions 

Mixed Dry Beans with Ham and Cornbread 

Mom's (his) Fried Rice and an Egg Roll if they have some at the store and I need Carrots too. Haven't found any on my 3 trys.

Dr. Appointment day either we will eat out or 
I'll bake Potatoes 

Whatever I find at the Mexican Market  

Soon I'll be putting Cabbage on my menu.  It 
survived the snow and actually loved it! 

I am waiting for Spring so I can add fresh things from my garden. 

Are you ready for Spring?
Have A Great Week!


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