Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Visiting Character from Sleuth On Safari by A. R. Kennedy


Dr. Higgins
            After placing my designer leather duffle bag by the front door, I consulted my notebook. I checked off another item on my to do list. The previous page had already been completed. Checkmarks were next to each required item I had placed in my bag.
            I returned to my bedroom and placed my carryon on my bedside reading chair. I placed my passport, travel paperwork, and notebook in it and zipped it closed.
            I hoped this vacation’s lodgings would be more accommodating to my requests. My last vacation, to England, was disappointing. The hotel did little to meet my requests for a firmer pillow, for soy milk for my coffee or for the hotel guests to be quiet in the hallways.
            The last time I was on a safari, several years ago, the lodge was first class. Every request satisfied. Every meal met my dietary restrictions. My favorite red wine was waiting for me in my room. I’m sure my mentioning it to the travel agent, several times, did the trick. I did it this trip to. I expected the same level of service on this safari as I had experienced on the last.        
            I could only hope I was traveling with a better class of people than I had last time. The middle America dullards I had to share a vehicle with was the only negative on that trip. At least I could dine alone on the sumptuous cuisine.
            Some people found a safari life changing. Hogwash. It was a vacation. It was an opportunity to discover a new locale, to get some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to check another country off my list.
            I set the condo’s security alarm, a necessity in the city which seemed to be more crime ridden every day. Just last week, a few blocks north, a colleague was a victim of a robbery. I reminded him he should have had a sophisticated security system like my own.
            I turned my sound machine on and set it to the white noise option. One more night and I would be far away from the city’s nonsense.
            No security alarms were needed in the safety of the luxury, remote lodge I was headed for.

About the book 
A bargain deal on a safari + one dead body = An adventure no one could plan for.

Naomi and her estranged sister are off on a trip of a lifetime—an African safari, a bucket list trip for Naomi on which she got a last-minute deal. Naomi thinks traveling with her sister will be the worst part of her African safari until she finds one of their fellow travelers, the unlikable Dr. Higgins, dead. She gets more adventure than she bargained for when she starts investigating what she thinks is murder but the luxury lodge says was a tragic accident. She only has a few vacation days, and a few game drives, to find the killer.

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Thank you for having me on the blog.
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