Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Blessings-This/That

I hope you all had a great week  and got a chance to come by for a visit.  I had planned to share some great Christmas reading options but my week turned out very busy. 
My Mother in Law has been ill so we've been spending a lot of time with her and my mother who is in a Nursing Facility.   On Thursday 
my M.I.L. passed away.  
It was expected but unexpected that it was so soon.  But my Cowboy was able to help her out and spend a lot of time with her over the last few months.  There is a lot to deal with now and his siblings are not accepting of his involvement so he is having a difficult time.  
I am praying that My Cowboy will be able to establish a new/better relationship with his brother today and that they can work together.  
Today I am staying home to catch up on laundry and cleaning. 
Our new Son in Love is coming by with our grandson to help me get the 'big' Christmas tree out of the garage.  It's the one we were Blessed to find in the box at the curb.  It fit perfectly in our space. 
But it is 'big'. 
I hope you have a Blessed Day

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