Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stairway Gallery Wall

I'm so excited to share today the beginnings of my new gallery wall!
            So this is before inspiration struck

For months I've been trying to get these frames hung.  So happy with them!    

                                         But that's not all!

          I loved the empty frames.  But then I had an inspiration!
I was sitting at the computer the other day looking at the frames
and enjoying their emptiness.  

And then I looked at the overflowing hat rack and inspiration struck.  
I love the hat rack.  I just don't like all the hats on it.  Never have really liked it. Mostly because the Cowboy won't clean those hats!                          But that is not what this post is about!  

This is what it is about.  Ready?  This is After the inspiration. 
                                   Hat wall:
                                                           This is so 'us'.  
                                             Lovin' the hats.  
                                      Hat Wall:
   One of the Cowboy's.  (at least 9 others on the hat rack)
                                    Hat Wall:
                 The hat our son showed in when he was a teenager. 
Just left this one empty for now.  Deciding if I want to add another hat or maybe some horse show ribbons.  

I think this is the part I like the best . . . 
My favorite part mainly because I figured out a way to display the 
stirrup!  So, so super excited about this!  
        I am actually pretty happy about displaying the tie too. 
                Hat Wall Collage:
               Hmm. . . Now what should I put in that empty frame?
                                               Any ideas?

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Molly the Airedale said...

What a brilliant idea! We love it☺

Michelle said...

Love it! This is so creative!

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What a fun wall!